Clean and Green Vinegar Spray

I love making my own cleaning supplies and as many of us know or are learning; vinegar is great at cleaning some of the grimiest kitchen and bathroom surfaces out there!

Not only is vinegar inexpensive and effective as a cleaning agent, some of it’s other abilities and benefits include the following:

  • safe for the whole family
  • biodegradable
  • all natural
  • edible
  • antiseptic
  • gentle on the skin
  • effective!

Making your own cleaner is a simple as vinegar, water and essential oils.  Using essential oils is beneficial because they can aid in the cleaning and disinfecting process.  Some of the properties of essential oils are:

  • bactericidal
  • antifungal
  • anticeptic
  • antimicrobial
  • antibacterial

Not only are essential oils great at disinfecting, they have uplifting properties such as that from lavender, sweet orange, peppermint and lemon.  I add tea tree oil as well although it doesn’t smell as nice as the others.  You will find that the other oils hide the tea tree nicely.

Simple ingredients

Simple ingredients

Lavender, Tea tree and Peppermint (sweet orange not shown)

My recipe is as follows using an empty 1 litre spray bottle:


~ fill 1/3 of the spray bottle with white vinegar

essential oils:

~12 drops of Tea Tree
~12 drops Lavender
~12 drops Sweet Orange
~6 drops Peppermint

Shake the bottle before each use to combine all of the magical ingredients and enjoy the pleasant fragrance!

Happy Cleaning!





One thought on “Clean and Green Vinegar Spray

  1. I just made some vinegar spray 5 min ago and I love it. I did not use any peppermint oil and it still smells great.



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